Cannabis products are available only for use by those of ‘legal age’ in a recreational cannabis state, or a medical marijuana state and be currently enrolled in your states program. All Full spectrum cannabis medicine products are sent via air craft as “Air Freight” as per the U.S. FAA and FDA provisions for cannabis transport and is transported across state borders in airspace only.  By ordering you are signifying you are over the legal age and living in a recreational legal cannabis state and/or are a licensed or permitted participant in your states legal cannabis, medical marijuana states program and are currently compliant.

You also agree to purchase only the allowable amounts to be purchased in your particular state and maintain your states allowable products in the amounts thereof. Cannabis Medicine Online seeks only to provide medicine to those legal states in current turmoil due to a lack of medicinal cannabis or over priced medicine. Any transaction between CMO and any patron of CMO is solely a donation to reimburse the many growers and processors expenses to produce these medicines as per Oregon state law.

Charges affiliated with donations will be processed at a later date than CMO check out and may be one or more partial charge’s totaling the donation amount. CMO is affiliated with ‘The Church of The Holy Smoke’ and supplies sacrament and sacred medicines to its follower’s. Any party who does not agree in full to these terms of use will not be serviced and are instructed immediately to leave this site. Use of this site constitutes a total and complete compliance with the terms of use. That all said…


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