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Cannabis Medicine Online announces the strongest cannabis strain known to man!

You are looking at the strongest cannabis strain known to man. It can reach 45% THC or higher! It is a cross between Oracle and Crystal Storm, the two strongest strains known to man. This cross was made by Lawrence Ringo O Shaughnessy and harvested in October of 2010 prior to his death.

These seeds were donated to us by a master grower in Oregon who grew side by side with Ringo. This one of six strains they both believed to be the best of the best they had grown during their carriers as master cannabis growers and breeders. You can expect to see this new strain that we dub “Jerry Garcia” as soon as spring of 2020, but only from Cannabis Medicine Online!

Know your terpenes, they produce the aroma of the particular cannabis strain. Terpenes also have individual healing powers all their own, use this list to help you seek the strain for you.

Doctors today have no formal training on the Endocannabinoid System and it controls your immune system…