Q. How the heck are doing this?

A. Cannabis Medicine Online has been flying cannabis to legal cannabis users since 2014.

Q. Isn’t flying cannabis across state lines federally illegal?

A. No the Federal Government has flown cannabis across state lines to service the original 13 Federally recognized cannabis patients since 1974 and still do once a month for the four remaining living patients, feel free to do research .

Q. So anyone can buy cannabis online?

A. No you must live in a state that recognizes and supports legal medical marijuana or be a recreational marijuana state. In MMJ states, you must be the legal age required by the state and be in good standing with your states program.

Q. So can cannabis be driven across state lines yet?

A.Yes but only transported as freight, see the Food and Drug Administration has rescheduled the allowable amount of THC in all hemp, and allow’s THC to be driven across state lines and their is no limit or cap to the amount of the THC in cannabis in the bills language.

Q. So you are saying that because the Federal Government can fly cannabis so can you?

A. Absolutely and these laws have been on the books since 1974 and were drafted in 1972. These laws while public and known by a few… were recently found by the current Governor of Massachusetts who specifically had the head of the US FAA declare a definition in regards to flying cannabis across a state line. He begrudgingly agreed and validated the legality. Now the state fly’s its cannabis to a close by neighboring island. Stating the land is so expensive that the cannabis growers would loose profit should they have to move onto and produce cannabis from the island. Again feel free to do some research.

Q. Why then isn’t everyone selling cannabis online?

A. The US FAA when determining the legality of states using the same laws the Federal Government uses to fly cannabis, determined that it must be flown from a legal state and be flown only to another legal state.

Q. What state are you in?

A. Oregon.

Q. What laws in Oregon govern cannabis both in and from Oregon.

A. While Cannabis is legal in Oregon there are four completely different sets of law regarding cannabis currently in effect. *OLCC governed Recreational cannabis (laws to oversee seed to sale). * Hemp laws for Industrial Hemp. *OMMP Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. The personal (4) four plant grow allowing 48 pounds per citizen per year.

Q. Can you drive cannabis out of Oregon?

A. No you cannot currently drive cannabis from state to state but we expect the FDA to change the law soon as it has passed the house and the bill is in the senate.

Q. Can you fly cannabis in Oregon?A. It has been legal to declare and fly your personal cannabis on a passenger plane from our international airport within state lines since 2015.

Q. So is due to the same FAA laws your company abides by?

A. Yes the state of Oregon recognizes these FAA rules as all state must comply with these rules with no exception.

Q. So essentially you are saying cannabis is Federally Legal?

A. No, sadly the Federal Government has been slow to catch up with the rest of the world who is currently trading publicly in cannabis. They have recently legalized hemp, and are currently leaving cannabis legality to the individual states by de-funding the DEA and preventing them from interfering with the cannabis industry, a billion dollar industry.

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. I have been an assistant in the stopping of cancer in over 500 cases to date. I could have saved my parents who both died of cancer had I been allowed to legally do so. I can now legally help those who cannot receive help from any other conventional medicines.

Q. What is the goal for your business?

A. We exist solely to provide medicines for those who are living in legal cannabis states, who cannot find or procure an affordable organic cannabis supply due to the many complicated barriers that come with a states legalization of cannabis in regards to supply, cost and quality of product.

Q. When I get cannabis from your website am I buying it outright from you?

A. No while we here at Cannabis Medicine oversee the intake and quality of products, these products are brought to us from approved organic farmers who are compensated for the cost of producing these medicines, i.e. soil, nutrients labor etc.

Q. How long do you plan to do this?

A. Our end game is to be able to close our doors due to the mass ability to buy cannabis from your local grocery store.

Q. Is that even possible… cannabis from a grocery store?

A. My Local grocery store Albertsons sells a complete line of CBD products and probably isn’t a “High Risk” processor due to their size. Walmart’s also sell CBD items and are in the same non ‘High Risk” status.

Q. I hear its hard to get processors to let us charge our bank cards and credit cards for cannabis. Can we expect to be able to do so soon?

A. Yes, there are several ways to procure cannabis as a point of sale. Just realize that you are not buying cannabis but re-paying the grower for his costs and labor of growing it as per Oregon State laws.

Q. So you are essentially mixing up these laws?

A. No we respect all five sets of law regarding cannabis. The four state levels of law and the single Federal Level of law used to govern cannabis.