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CMO Has proudly provided consistently affordable cannabis medicine to those who cannot secure fair prices otherwise. We fill the holes in your states lacking medical or recreational cannabis industry. We have been the providing vessel in countless cases of remission and pain management. We do this out of the love and respect for the many members of our CMO families. Join us in celebrating our success through turbulent times that have ultimately shaped us as compassionate loving providers of affordable cannabis and cannabis medication . Here's to our first decade with our sites on many more to come.

Use coupon code CMO30 to enjoy 30% savings off every item offered here. We will run this celebration event until this Sunday 1-21-2024 and urge you to share our website with as many of those needing our help as you possibly can. Remember that we are stronger in numbers and with Federal Laws being reset the stigmas are falling away and being replaced with acceptance and understanding. So tell neighbors and tell your family and friends. We are as strong as you allow us to be. We look forward to more staff to meet your needs faster and more effectively. CMO is the very first website of its kind... and has long been the best kept secret on the internet, but now shout out to all who can hear us, the more the merrier and we are ready to be the best we can for all. HERE'S TO NEXT TEN YEARS OF PROBLEMS SOLVED.

We love you al,

Bishop Lari Bollinger

The Church of the Holy Smoke

Founder of Cannabis Medicine Online

Putting patients before profits since 2014.

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