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Welcome to the NEW C.M.O. Cannabis Medicine Online. Putting patients before donations since 2014.

Updated: Jan 7

Hi everyone, we hope you like the new website. The old one was simply not functioning as it should and needed to be upgraded. We thank those of you who have stuck with us through the last years. We welcome those of you back who are now coming to get their medicines again and vow to keep this site functioning as well as possible. Unfortunately we nearly closed our doors after the site had a fatal critical error and was down for over a month, followed by a poor version of the old site that seemed to break down daily and was virtually under attack by unknown entities. Its been difficult to say the least. We sincerely apologize to those of you who were forced to drive long ways, sometimes to other states to be able to get your medicines at affordable donations.

We are working to soon be at full strength now. You can email me vis your CMO account to get in contact me to ask questions and complete orders placed on the site. If you don't want or have time to email a text or call will work let us know you have questions and we will respond usually within 24 hours to help you. We are currently using several various methods to receive your donations and remember if you cannot afford a rate let us know and we at the church can work with you to accommodate your needs.. We can find something that meets your needs and will help you get your medicines as fast as possible. We expect that a full federal reversal and cannabis be reclassified schedule 3, and that these changes will be implemented by years end and cannabis banking will be allowed for the millions of people who need it to keep the industry safe.

The 2020 reprisal of the 2018 Farm Bill will make this possible now that THC in cannabis has no limitations upon it. Further that THCA is recognized as not being THC. These laws make cannabis legal on a federal level since October of 2020. But we are not here to debate legal opinions. We are here to supply medicine to those in need of it, as we have since our opening in 2014. We ask you abide by your states laws and order accordingly, if ordering for more than one patient please state so in the orders notes. If you are ordering under an amended medical card, please state that you are doing so and provide the amended amounts of cannabis your amended card will allow you to procure in the order notes, should you order and not fill the note section we will assume you forgot and provide the order as you are placing orders for a cooperative or simply multiple legal entities. We remind you you took an oath, a legally binding contractual agreement simply by entering the site and that YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS HERE.CMO PRODUCT IS NOT TESTED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. WE ARE A CHURCH AND TAKE GROWERS AT THEIR WORD. Understand that we are adjusting the site on a daily basis and expect it to get better with every passing day. Most importantly we want you to know that we truly care about you and your medical cannabis needs. Welcome to the NEW C.M.O.

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