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About Blood Orange Kush
Blood Orange Kush is a powerful, Indica-dominant strain of cannabis first grown by an unknown grower. Despite the mystery surrounding its geographical origin, we do know most of the genetics behind this wonderful strain. Blood Orange Kush is the result of crossing Aota, Pinecracker, and an unknown OG strain. Blood Orange Kush is not to be confused for Blood Orange, a similarly-named strain that has no common genetic history with Blood Orange Kush, meaning they will have almost entirely different effects. This strain is best consumed during the daytime or afternoon hours, as its effects are not too powerful and its flavor is quite fresh and enjoyable on a warm afternoon. Not much about the physical aspects of this strain have been recorded or reviewed by cannabis consumers. The nugs grown on these plants are often tight, little, dense nuggets of bright neon green plant matter. They are often covered with a number of winding and fuzzy orange hairs with a thick, frosty coating of off-white and amber-colored trichomes. This strain is a favorite amongst smokers who are less worried about discretion and more concerned with enjoying the full-bodied aroma and flavor of some of the more powerful strains of cannabis. Its aroma contains a heavy diesel scent that is strongly accented with citrus smells like orange and lemon. The exhale is quite similar, as some have reported that it tastes like oranges with a bit of a grassy kick as well as some strong diesel flavor in the aftertaste. The THC concentration in this strain is all over the place, with some batches testing as high as 24% while others remain lower, around 15%. Regardless of the number itself, the high delivers a potent blend of heady and body effects that are sure to assist those suffering from chronic pain, stress, depression, headaches, insomnia, and more! Immediately after taking a puff or two of this bud, you should expect your mood to be elevated and a slight lifting sensation taking root in your body. This unique body buzz has made people feel like they are flying while remaining glued to their sofa. While the THC works hard to alleviate any tensions, pains, and other physical ailments, your mind will soar through the stratosphere while happy memories and thoughts fill your psyche. Although Blood Orange Kush will provide a boost in creative energy, some have reported that the slightly unfocused nature of this high makes it hard to utilize the energy for anything more productive than beating the next level in a video game or finishing a movie.
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1 review for Blood Orange Kush ~ Holy Smoke Farms

  1. Edwin Pagan II (verified owner)

    Sweet smelling and full somatic tingles . It smokes great and the perfect buds are packed with hairs and crystals

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