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Be sure to click through CART Check Out to the end.

Hi folks, until we get a dedicated card processing company that is cannabis friendly, we will have to continue using the various forms of funds transfers we have been using for the last couple years. We know it is both time consuming and can be frustrating. Due to this fact our Cart Check Out process takes many clicks to actually complete and give you an order number and instructions for this process. I have been finding abandoned Carts from those who are new to this site and not aware of the extra care needed to assure that their order is registered with us and not just abandoned and forgotten. We try to check regularly but do miss an order on occasion. Now that Federal Legalization is upon us, we hope to have a cannabis friendly card processing company on board in the very near future. Until then we thank you for being both patient and cooperative with the few extra steps needed for us to provide you with care.

Thanks in advance for your continued cooperation in assisting us to be the very first website of its kind to provide cannabis to those who do not have the ability to secure it safely on their own.

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