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How do we get the best experience of our own life and what do I want for your life and your family.

I love you so very much and hope that you are physically doing well with the new year. We are currently in a bit of a rush to make sure that we will have the money to pay the rent and the other bills that are due

This due to the fact that the items we depend upon to sustain our lives will be a big burden for us. We are not able to get everything, and it seems to keep harder for people that are in what were good and productive situations being used for profit.

One thing is certain, the world is not the best thing for all people. But I know that we can take a lot of problems and make it easier for us all. So I think a little more than a couple of things would have to fall into place for us all to be a great world of peace and love.

I propose that the next big lottery is the best way for us to make a big difference in the life of our children. The winner of course will be the one to make the choice of what to do with the world. I have attached my thoughts on this project for you to look over and see if you can help us be ready for full federal break down 👇 and what we can do to make sure we are all set up for the next event that will be the last thing you see.

I love you so much and I hope that your day is going good. I have a great way to go off into our sunset. Here's what I think we should do with the lottery.

The powerball grand prize can issue the cash out prize. Then we would be able to begin a viable solution to end the destruction of Gaia (earth). I believe that should the 1 % find themselves as no longer viable for destruction for profit and provide an alternative that would let them choose by their own free will to cease planetary harm by letting them know that the not so distant future can provide an intergalactic trade option for billions of planets.

They are more likely to stop harming our planet and look to the future of our existence by saving the planet 🌏. Then we can use their infrastructure to provide shelter underground if needed and we will be able to work on a commonality.

We will all rise together, and we can in unity become the beautiful world of source, family, love and harmony in all we do together. I am just a messenger and I love you so very much. You are so worthy of a raised vibration that is our destiny. We can and will come together in unity and practice One Love.

Thanks again for your time and your help in this matter.

Lari Bollinger


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